I meant to have 3.0 done and rolled out by February. But family medical issues came up and persisted until May. I was unable to really work on the project until now.
Since 2.0 was rolled out two years ago, we have migrated from a dedicated server that couldn’t handle the workload to Azure, a cloud hosting service that worked really well but would occassionally keel over entirely when the service host has issues. We are now on some sort of Azure Dedicated Host with Cloudflare and looking at a beefier, or second failover server to keep service running.

Here’s where we are now.

GridTalkie 3.0

All new basecode and backend allows for scalable numbers of radio tuners in one script, with only 1 mono and 1 lsl script.

We have early support for channel bots, they won’t replace ATC bots, but can be used for things like weather stations, alarms, pizza delivery, numbers stations, or ARG elements. 

Also, I promise, this time, for reals, we will have scanners and base stations that can be left rezzed out.
If you own and airport, marina, or coordinate large multiplayer events, ping Rez Gray about beta access!

Private Networks, which effectively gives you copy/transfer radios, and requires a lot of work by Rez, is being totally revamped.
The new system will be based on Synapse, but you will be paying more for multiple channels, civilian access, and indvidual models.
Because the radios will be copy/transfer, and have repeating overhead costs to maintain, new networks after the 3.0 rollout will
be paying a subscription fee. We are running numbers on how much it will cost, but it will be competitively priced for continual service.
The distribution boxes will also function as donation points for your end users to donate to keep the service up.

Existing network owners will be given free updates to the new system and get a discount on service for putting up with me.

Synapse 3.0

Synapse is the alpha test of what Private Networks should be, only a lot simpler. You buy a channel, and we give you free radios.
The radios are password protected, and ‘streamlined’ for better user experience. It’s also only L$399 one time per channel.
The vendors, which are being reworked for affiliate use, are still being worked on.
We hope to make some version workable for selling on Marketplace, which would include a channel in the price.
We rolled out an interim update for the three available models, which now on-rez updates, which is tricky for custom-programmed devices.
There will be a couple more updates in the coming month as we re-write the main scripts for memory and update to newer mesh models.

It used to be labled 'man' and 'woman'. You can figure out which it which.

Fig-1. Visual aid depicting the functional scale different between Synapse and GridTalkie.

Unnamed Update Server Project

In July 2014 Rez was asked to make an update server. During the development, he registered and hosted http://objectdns.systems/ (I don’t spend a lot of time on front pages, can you tell?).
The project, codnamed “ObjectDNS.systems Product Update Server” is in production use with two clients and the new alpha test rollouts from SHiNYbrand (Rez’s product lable) and Blackcoat Imports (Sanvis Blackcoat’s product label). The server is derived from code Rez has been using for his own product distributor since HTTP-in was released.

Expect more on this ‘soon’.

graybox lowercase label group

Some users have been invited to a group called ‘graybox’ or ‘graybox product test users’. This is where Rez and others will be throwing alpha tests at people.
If you like to receive half broken stuff for free, and be expected to test it, send Rez Gray an IM about joining.






First off, thank you for volunteering to test the next generation of GridTalkie. The first alpha build focuses on pure, raw functionality. This build has six tuners, uses list memory, and will hopefully not catch fire one use.

What I need you to do with this build is to run around and just use it. Connect on all the extra tuners, talk, try to break it, etc.



Analog Frequencies (NEW)

For aviation enthusiasts, we have set up a virtual analog frequency range from 100mhz to 300mhz, with digital channel equivelents from #100 to #8140
The channels are available in .025mhz divisions (40 per solid integer) and in the near future will line up with Kelly Shergood’s ATC radar system.
The channels have a digital channel pairing between #100 and #8140.
The preset menu in the RC has been updated to match these new pairings.
Some channels like BLAKE and several UNICOM freqs will automatically remap.

To connect to an analog freq, simply input a decimal value between 100 and 300, ie, /11 ch 123.00 will map to Sansara.
Frequencies not in a 0.025 multiple will round down to a compatible decimal place.

System Menu

Accessed by ‘/11 menu’

  • Tuner Menus (A,B,C,D)
    • Presets  – Implemented 12/13
    • List – same as List command
    • GPS – same as GPS command
    • Tune OFF – same as tune off
  • Options
    • Sounds On / Off – Implemented.
      No sounds added yet.
    • Joins On/Off – partially implemented
    • Output>
      • Debug / Debug OFF (NEW FEATURE!)
        Moves the text output to the Script Debug
        window, useful in high-flood situations
      • Name / Handle / Name + Handle
        How incoming names are displayed
      • RCV Owner / Whisper / Chat
        Display output in ownersay or local
      • XMIT Owner / Whisper / Chat
        Output sent messages in ownersay or local
      • Customize>
        Presents a list of colors to repaint the device
  • Help – there is no help for you.

Channel-Based Commands

  • “ch” – Change Channel
    Example:  “/11 ch 99”  will set Tuner A to 99
  • “tune off” – Deactivate Tuner
    Example: “/11 tune off” will disconnect that tuner from a channel.
  • “setinput” – Change tuner input channel
    Example: “/11 setinput 199” will change tuner to /199
  • “ping” or “list” – Get list of users in channel
    Example: “/11 list” will get you the users in Tuner A’s channel.
    Note: We redid the way List returns are handled. We change them from IM to HTTP, so you should not be able to backtrace users by object IM metadata.

User / Device Commands

    • “sethandle” – Change user Handle / Nickname
      Example: “/11 sethandle Rick Astley” will change your network handle.
    • “mem” – Get remaining script memory
      Example: “/11 mem” will return a number, if the script is still running.
    • “reset” – Reset script

Release Log

  • a45 (5/17/2015) – initial post release
  • a46 (5/17/2015, an hour later)
    • Fixed bug where users with Resident surnames were showing up as the device owner in incoming messages
    • Fixed bug where entropy handler corrolated with local nodes.
  • a50 (5/25/2015)
    • ADDED Analog Frequency Range
    • FIXED potential ROWHAMMER exploit.
    • FIXED physical layer