GridTalkie Pro Radio Service (PRS)

Our Pro Radio Service (PRS) provides custom radio network systems for first response agencies, military factions, families, companies, and other roleplayers wanting a secure in-world text conferencing system.

Primary Features

  • Copy/Transfer Mesh Radios
    Our new PRS product line is ready for easy deployment.
  • Secure Access Control
    Maintain access to your network via groups and whitelists.
  • Simple Customization
    As a PRS Network owner you can can:

    • Rename your Network
    • Change channel names
    • Add / Remove Access Groups
    • Add / Remove / Promote Users

PRS Package Tiers

Our package tiers are named in a way that you want to pay for the Pro even if you really just need Basic.
You can upgrade post-deployment by contacting Rez Gray.
The "locked" channel, or 'Dispatch' channel is a fixed channel on Tuner A that can't be changed.
PackageSetup CostChannelsOptional
BasicL$1999Four (One Locked, 3 Custom)Civilian, GMARS
PlusL$2999Seven (One Locked, 6 Custom)Civilian, GMARS
ProL$3999Ten (One Locked, 9 Custom)Civilian, GMARS


User Access Control

From the GT Kiosk, PRS Remote Terminal or Network Hud, you can add or promote users to “Managers” of your network.
For more details check out the PRS Owner’s Manual

  • Directly add (whitelist) authorized users by UUID or special HUD tool.
  • Add authorized activation groups that users can sign in while active.
  • Promote users to ‘Manager’ with add/ban authority, or ‘Dispatcher’ with access
    to specific radio commands like pager notifications and location pings.
  • And an oft-requested feature, BAN USERS and DE-AUTHORIZE GROUPS on demand.

Civilian Channel Access

If your organization needs access to Civilian channels such as Marine #16, you will need Civilian Access.
You can subscribe for access for  L$250 a month, or L$2,880 a year in weekly or monthly increments.
For more details on Civilian Channels, check out the Frequencies page.
Note: Networks grandfathered from the old “Private Network” system will not have to pay this unless they want to.

GridTalkie Mutual Aid Radio Service (GMARS)

GMARS is a set of six shared channels for first responders such a firefighting, coast guard, etc to communicate with eachother for combined roleplay scenarios.
This feature costs L$20 a Week, $100 a month, or L$1200 a year. See our page on GMARS for more information.