TOS & Discolosure

GridTalkie Terms of Service

  1. Don’t Spam.
  2. Don’t attack other players or post personal information.
  3. Don’t try to hack the product or our servers.
  4. Please be kind to the noobs.

Warranty & Refunds

If it breaks, I will try to fix it.
If you’re not happy with your product, let us know and we might be able to fix it.

Privacy Disclosure

When using GridTalkie, certain details of your avatar are collected.
We cannot collect and do not collect any information about your real-world self.
We have no way or detecting or tracking your real-world IP address, all interaction is
via Linden Lab or 3rd Party grid servers.

User Data

  • Avatar Account Name
  • Avatar UUID
  • Time of first access on that network

Active Connection

  • Radio Prim UUID (generated by server, for tracking unique session)
  • Radio HTTP Url (generated by server, for sending messages)
  • Current Region (for dispatch of the SHiNYbrand Party Bus)
  • Connected Channels (for sending messages)

Message Traffic

  • User Name
  • Timestamp
  • Channel
  • Region Sent From ( for statistics, tracking spam, errant scripts)
  • Message (purged after a few days)

Message Privacy

Messages are sent as plaintext. This is a role-playing tool, not an IM client.
Anyone in the vicinity of your avatar with a subchannel sniffer can pick up your
outgoing messages if you do not set the input a high enough channel.