Civilian Frequencies

GridTalkie has 10,000 digital frequencies and XXXXXX Analog frequencies (with digital equivalents from 100-40000) available to users wearing a market-model GridTalkie or PRS with a Civilian Access Subscription.
#0N/ALobby ChannelThe channel you start in. Probably full of join notices.
#9N/AMarine HailingFor ships passing by and non-distress traffic.
#16N/AMarine DistressFor SAR responders and mayday calls. RPers advised to change to another freq for extended RP.
#11920N/ABlake SeaBlake Sea Area Traffic Control
#12270N/AGridwide ATCFor GridWide ATC Coordination
#12300N/AUNICOMGeneral Grid-Wide UNICOM

Airport Dedicated

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Reserved System Frequencies

These frequencies are used by in-world equipment such as sensors, chatbots, or for games. Some frequencies may be set to prevent you from transmitting on them or requiring use of a prompt.

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